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At QIT Pacific, we're your partners in Incident Management...

We are a leading, innovative software company specializing in disaster and incident management solutions, Case Management System, Mobile App Development, Website Development and many more...

We help agencies across Fiji and globally to improve their workflow, enhance their ability to share and collate information, and simplify the process of recording critical information with state of the art software solutions.

Case Management Systems(CMS) for Companies and Agencies

Our case management system(CMS) is a state of the art software which aims to organize and enhance your agency's workflow and productivity. It has the ability to store cases such as disputes among tenants and landowners, produce documents quickly and effortlessly, monitor progress and updates on all cases and many more features to suit your day to day needs.

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Discover Guardian IMS

Our product, Guardian IMS, is the leading, multi-agency Incident Management software in Queensland, Australia--and now it's available in the Pacific.  

It provides a full state-wide view in a secure and scalable, cloud hosted environment--allowing you to manage incidents, intelligence and reporting.

Our Services

- Software Development and Consultation.

- Database Design and Data Analytics.

- Software Security and Cloud based Technology.

- Mobile Application Development.

- Provide Intelligence through Geographic Information System.

- Business innovation, support, training and consulting.

- Research and Development.

- Business and University Partnerships.

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Work piling up on you? Automate your Incident Management workflow using Guardian IMS.

Guide to Developing an Incident Management Plan with Guardian IMS

New to Guardian IMS? Discover how you can develop your Incident Management plan using it. 

We Provide 24/7 Support During Incidents

Low Priority

I'm happy working. however, I would like a response to a non-critical issue with Guardian IMS. 

  • Within 1 Business Day when lodged during business hours
  • Within 2 Business Days when lodged outside business hours
  • Support by phone, online and email  

Normal Priority

I can work around the issue, but it is having an impact on my ability to work within Guardian IMS. 

  • Within 1 Business Day when lodged during business hours
  • Next Business Day when lodged outside business hours
  • Support by phone, online and email  

High Priority

A critical issue is causing loss of functionality (full or partial) of Guardian IMS, and requires urgent, immediate attention.

  • Within 1 Business Hour when lodged during business hours
  • Within 6 Business Hours when lodged outside business hours 
  • Support by phone, online and email  

What people are saying...

"Your officer called me from Australia to assist me and attended my query within minutes"

- Irfan Hussein, Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission

"Your solutions actually solve problems, instead of others who create software and then find a problem for it to fix."

- Eileen Robinson, Burdekin Shire Council

"QIT staffs showed excellent customer service. Very approachable, quick to understand the requirements and assisted very well in software development and roll-out."

- Amit Sen, Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission

"QIT Plus is the benchmark by which all other software vendors should be measured."

- Sandra Cormack, Gympie Regional Council

"They are an effective customer focused organisation who pride themselves on looking after and servicing their customers. I do not know of any other software company which is so very responsive to their customers needs."

- Peter Mann, Coordinator Disaster Management

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