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+ What is Guardian IMS?

Guardian IMS is an Incident Management system for agencies helping them to manage incidents and gather reporting intelligence.

+ Who is Guardian IMS for?

Guardian IMS can be used by state, regional and shire councils, health agencies, transport agencies, schools and chambers of commerce.

+ When was Guardian IMS developed?

Guardian IMS was developed in 2017, resulting in it being a state-of-the-art software solution which is secure, multi-modal and meets Australian standards.

+ What can Guardian IMS be accessed on?

You can access Guardian IMS from your computer, tablet or smartphone device.

+ Why would my agency need Guardian IMS?

If your agency deals in the management and reporting of incidents and events in any way, you can benefit from Guardian IMS and it's extensive range of powerful features and enhancements.

+ How do I use Guardian IMS?

For information on how to use the software, check out our blog which has many guides and articles, or get in touch to learn about our training packages.

+ What are Guardian Disaster Dashboards?

Guardian Disaster Dashboards are public information pages designed to provide critical information and updates from a single point of truth.

+ Who are Guardian Disaster Dashboards for?

Your agency can benefit from a Guardian Disaster Dashboard should you need to provide specific information to the public during incidents and events, and desire to save time by making it available all in one place.

+ What can Guardian Disaster Dashboards be accessed on?

You can access Guardian Disaster Dashboards from your computer, tablet or smartphone device.

+ Why would my agency need a Guardian Disaster Dashboard?

Guardian Disaster Dashboards have been proven to reduce LDCC call times, and remain operational under pressure--which has relieved stress and streamlined productivity during incident events while empowering the public to make better informed decisions.

+ How do I access Guardian Disaster Dashboards?

Contact our team to learn more about creating your own dashboard, or visit this page to access our existing dashboards.

+ Where can I learn more about Guardian IMS?

Check out our blog for some useful information and guides on Guardian IMS.

+ How can I learn how to use Guardian IMS?

We offer training packages to our existing Guardian IMS customers--get in touch to learn more.