Computer Aided Dispatch

QIT Pacific recently developed a Computer aided dispatch and incident management solution for National Fire Authority 910 Emergency Response and Recovery. The mobile-ready, cloud-based solution that provides interoperability of intelligence and task management across all agencies. Spatial intelligence provides real time windows into incident locations, automated tools for resource allocations, response strategies, and performance monitoring dashboards

National Fire Authority provides Fire and Ambulance safety and emergency services within Fiji including management of building fire alarms/monitors. The Authority is undergoing a modernization program of its various information and communications technology capabilities with the goal of improving the management and response to Fire Incidents and Emergency Services, under this reform a Computer Aided Dispatch system was proposed and tendered by the Authority which was awarded to QIT Pacific. QIT Plus and QIT Pacific have partnered with the NFA to deliver a user-friendly, reliable and mobile ready Emergency Services – CAD System

The system uses the Guardian IMS (Incident Management System) platform which is tried and tested in Australia. The mapping information incorporates tracking of vehicles and proximity searches to enable the dispatch of vehicles at the best point of service. It is an intelligent software which simplifies incident and task management pertaining to Fire incidents and other types of emergencies by providing automated tools for triggers, response strategies and performance monitoring dashboards and displays resulting in better situational awareness and escalation of incidents.CAD has streamlined the entire process of incident Management from the moment an incident is reported on the Authority’s emergency line 910 to the final incident mitigation process, reporting and costing. Two major types of incidents handled by NFA are Fire related incidents and medical related incidents where dispatch of ambulance is required.

Advanced GIS Technology...

CAD has been implemented with advanced GIS technology which has the ability to capture precise location of the reported incident and navigate the dispatched team to the incident site. Users can use CAD’s GIS map technology and see all the troubled spots, fire hydrant locations, nearby facilities and road closure markings directly on the map. The figure below shows CAD’s Map feature with markings of hydrant locations and NFA resource allocations

Mobile Compatibility and Responsiveness...

CAD is compatible with many different types of devices and is also responsive to different screen sizes, which allows the dispatched team to use mobile devices such tablets to navigate the fire trucks to the correct incident location and collect on scene information. CAD system also facilitates registration and carrying out survey on fire monitors installed in buildings and properties and Fire hydrants, tablets can be utilized when carrying out these surveys so information can be recorded on spot directly into the CAD system.