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Create a single point of truth for information sharing...

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Join over 35 Queensland councils who are using Guardian Disaster Dashboards to massively reduce their call times…

Guardian Disaster Dashboards allow you to create a localised page where information updates and advice can be shared to the public.  

Our compliant solution is helping local councils to reduce call times and broadcast a wide range of live information updates through a single point of truth.  

A fully scalable and secure enviroment

In the past, Guardian Disaster Dashboards have remained 100% operational despite receiving over 3 million hits during flood events. Our intelligent software is hosted on a scalable AWS elastic load balancer that distributes the load over up to 5 servers to maintain a quality service and handle pressure.  

Customisable to corporate branding

Customise URLs, buttons, social media widgets, colours and logos. 

A single point of truth for information sharing

All broadcasted information and warnings are streamed from the Local Disaster Coordination Centre—resulting in no duplicate, delayed or different information.

Plus, each dashboard contains a fully interative map (for spacial awareness) which is sycned with the Department Of Transport and Main Roads.


Mobile responsive—Guardian Disaster Dashboards can be accessed from computer, tablet and mobile devices.

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