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Case Management System (CMS)

Manage disputes between tenants and property owners and many other legal affairs with our powerful case management system.

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What is it...

Case Management System (CMS) features a fully searchable document library and knowledge base it has the ability to store legal cases, produce documents quickly and effortlessly, and monitor progress and updates on all cases. CMS aims to organise and enhance your agency's workflow and productivity. It is a highly effective solution for Risk Management and Governance departments to utilize.

File and Manage the Status of Complaints

Right from when the complaint is recieved, to when it is formalised--the entire process is recorded and stored for future reference.

Keep Track of Properties Tied to Cases

Know which properties still require information and which ones have been approved.

Access Automatically Generated Data Reports

Statistics at a glance--data reports will automatically generate as information is recorded in the system, allowing you to have a better overview of all the cases

Access a Wide Range of Report Types

Know exactly what's happening with each case and access organised information reports--including landlord, property, case, complaint and time sheet reports.

Mobile Responsive Software

Access Case Management System from your computer or on the go from any tablet or smartphone device. 

Lightweight Operation

Our powerful software uses a fast and robust, scalable cloud-based system—resulting in an entirely stable framework that will not crash under any circumstance. 

Secure Interface

Two factor authentification and safe coding systems ensure that Case Management System is one of the most secure case management software products currently available.

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